Web Calling is Now Available

Web Calling has Launched!

Welcome to a new academic year! Leicester Nightline has kicked off the new year with not only a brand new website, but also launching a new service – web calling!

To use web calling, simply click on the phone icon which will appear on the right of our website between 8pm-12am during term time, and you will be connected to a listener! You will remain completely anonymous, and can talk about whatever is on your mind to one of our trained listeners for however long you need – all from the comfort of your computer, tablet or phone! Note: this service requires a stable internet connection. To top it off, web calling is completely free and open to students in Leicester, distance learners and those on years abroad. Perfect for those times you want to talk, but don’t want to pay mobile charges! This service is currently only open until midnight each night, however we shall update you when it becomes available from 8pm-8am.

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